Welcome to my Website!

My name, well if you did not already know is Angel Rodriguez and I'm a rather dull individual with a wild imagination.

I am interested in comic books, mostly DC comics because of the Justice League and the bat family. I am also interested in video games. I play most genres of games such as sports, mmo's, first person shooters, fighting games, and role playing games.

My hobbies consist of

Things I will do in my life time

  • Join the military
  • Live to see the release of Half life 3, Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3, and Team Fortress 3
  • See Daisy Ridley in person, and incase you don't know
  • well now you know
  • Things I like

  • To be honest I like only my hobbies, not really anything else. As shallow as a shell.
  • Thats about it so yeah, peacee